Aircraft Rental

Aircraft Rental Information

In order to rent an aircraft with us you would need:

  • Pay a one-time application fee of $99.00.
  • Receive a Check out flight with an Aero Global Aviation approved flight instructor.
  • Obtain an aircraft renter’s insurance with a minimum value of $40,000 for aircraft damage liability.
  • See the pricing page for hourly cost of aircraft rental.
  • Sign rental agreement.
  • Fill Liability form for each passenger accompanying you during the flight.
  • Contact us for scheduling and if you need for information.
  • The checkout flight is required for our new customers before rental privileges become active. Checkouts are valid for a period of 12 calendar months from the date of completion. There are three categories of rental privileges: Day VFR, IFR, and Night. You will only be required to complete a check out for the type of privilege you need. In order to receive night privileges, you will need to have logged in your logbook; three full stop landings within 90 days which will be verified by our staff, if not you will be required to perform it with an approved AGAA flight instructor before receiving night rental privileges.

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