Aero Global exclusively uses Cessna and Piper aircraft for training. Both aircraft manufacturers have proven to be the most safe, reliable and efficient training aircraft of all time. We use them so all our clients can have options and to get the most out of their training by flying different variety of aircraft through the course of their training making them a well-rounded pilot.

Our Fleet


(C172SP G1000)

Equipment: G1000 Avionics with GFC700 Auto Pilot, ADSB In/Out

Base: KISM (Kissimmee Gateway)

Rate: Call for Pricing

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(Piper Warrior)

Equipment: Garmin 430 GPS, VFR/IFR, ADSB Out.

Base: KISM (Kissimmee Gateway Airport)

Rates: Call for Pricing

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Redbird Flight Simulator

Equipment: G1000 Avionics with GFC700 Auto Pilot

Equipment 2 Option: Six Pack Option Available with Garmin 530 GPS.

Base: KISM (Kissimmee Gateway Airport)

Rates: $60 per hour

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We Pride Ourselves On Routine Maintenance And Scheduled Inspections

Our maintenance philosophy is simple, take good care of your equipment and it will take good care of you. Our aircraft are maintained to the highest industry standards. The FAA requires inspections every 100 hours. We go above this standard by conducting inspections and service every 50 hours. For every 100 hours spent in the air, we spend an average of 20 hours conducting maintenance to each aircraft.

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