Get Your Instrument Rating

Take the next step in your aviation career, get your instrument rating, and take your flying skills to the next level!

Plane's instrument dashobard in night.

Take your flying skills to the next level!

An instrument rating is considered one of the most challenging training courses because it demands a higher level of concentration and precise aircraft control with references solely to flight instruments. However, it is one of the most rewarding ratings you can get as a pilot because it helps you become safer and more versatile while enabling you to utilize the aircraft in more adverse weather conditions.

Why Choose Us?

At Aero Global Aviation Academy, our teaching style is highly personalized. You will get hands-on instruction that will teach you how to perfect your skills of instrument flying in actual weather conditions and what factors to consider when making a go/no go decision.
All our aircraft are equipped for IFR, they are also ADSB compliant.

Training Requirements?

  • Must hold at least a Private Pilot license.
  • Must be able to read, speak, write and understand the English language.
  • Must hold a valid medical certificate.

Minimum Aeronautical Experience

  • 50 hours of cross country flight time as PIC.
  • 40 hours of actual or simulated instrument time.
  • 15 hours of instrument flight training from an authorized instructor.
  • 250 nautical miles dual cross country flight conducted under instrument flight rules (IFR).


  • Option 1: Airplane with Legacy Cockpit $13,939
  • Option 2: Airplane with Glass Cockpit: $15,809 (C172 G1000)

Note: All quoted price includes Flight & Ground Training, Books & Supplies, FAA Written and Practical Tests (checkride).

Finance Your Training

If you need financial assistance for all or some of your training. Aero Global recommends using one of our financing partners.