Flying Club

The best aircraft rental experience in the Orlando area, we give you access to the best aircraft with great scheduling flexibility!

Membership Details

Joining the AGA Flight Club has a lot of benefits which includes but not limited to following:

  • Access to Cessna 172 aircraft with G1000 avionics package
  • Online 24/7 Scheduling
  • Access to AGA online portal for all information regarding your personal flying
  • 24/7 Online Customer Support
  • Access to all maintenance inspections online
  • Access to our Flight Instructors regarding free flight training consultation

All the above for a low monthly membership fee of $35

Why Choose Us

Here at AGA, we are building a community of aviators, joining us will mean you will have access to making friends and connections to like-minded individuals who are passionate about aviation. This community and network of friends could lead to lifelong friendships and exciting business opportunities amongst other benefits. So, we welcome you to Join Our Flight Club and make the best of what our community of aviators has to offer!

More benefits include:

  • Access to a growing fleet of clean and well-maintained modern aircraft
  • Access to Flight Instructors and Aviation Industry Professionals
  • Networking opportunities
  • Free flight training resources
  • Time Building Incentives and Cost Sharing Opportunities