Co-Pilot showing instructions on a tablet to a Pilot

Habib Hussain


Habib is a FAA Certified Pilot with years of experience teaching people how to fly airplanes and helping them obtain a pilot’s license. Till date, he has trained over 50 pilots with excellent pass rates and together with his team of highly trained flight instructors, he’s still focused on training people that are interested in obtaining a Private, Instrument Rating, Commercial or Flight Instructor Certificates. On his free time, he enjoys blogging and educating people about aviation on Instagram and his YouTube channel. You can follow his blog on or follow him on Instagram @pilot.habib.

Co-Pilot showing instructions on a tablet to a Pilot

Rodrigo Ferreira

Flight Instructor

Rodrigo is a professional pilot from Brazil. He has been an FAA certified pilot for over four years and he has been a flight instructor in the US for 3 years. He moved to the USA in 2017 to improve his skills and to get more experience as a flight instructor. He has lived in Oregon, Kentucky, California and he now lives in Orlando FL. So far, he's enjoyed his time in the USA and he has been able to make some good friends along the way. In his free time, he enjoys playing soccer, flying airplanes and he loves seeing his students getting their pilots licenses.

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