General Resources

Flight Training Resources

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

Please refer to the FAAs website for general questions regarding flight rules and restrictions.

Aviation Medical Examiner

To obtain a flight medical certificate, you will need to complete an online application with the FAA before making an appointment with your Aviation Medical Examiner (AME).

TSA Alien Flight Student Program

If you are not a U.S citizen or National, you must apply and be accepted into the ‘Alien Flight Student Program’ before you can commence your flight training. The link to apply is below.


ForeFlight is an integrated flight app on iPad, iPhone and the web. It offers pilots Flight Planning tools, Aviation Weather, Maps and Charts.

Aircraft Owner and Pilots Association (AOPA)

Whether you’re a Pilot, an Aircraft owner or an Aviation enthusiast, AOPA provides the resources and support you need to sharpen your skills, stay informed and connected to the general aviation community.


Contact AVEMCO if you need renter’s insurance.
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