Discovery Flight

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Thinking about flying or becoming a pilot? You’ve come to the right place! Our discovery flight packages gives you the option to experience a day in the life of a typical Pilot. From brief weather analysis to preflight checks and actually maneuvering the airplane while airborne, our discovery flight allows you to experience everything!

We also offer tours and sight seeing experiences. Check out the details below for more information on each package. Contact us to book your discovery flight or sight seeing tours! We look forward to welcoming you on board!

Plane flying over houses.
Plane getting ready for takeoff

30 Minutes Discovery Flight

On this 30 minutes discovery flight, you will start by meeting up with an experienced flight instructor. The instructor will give you a quick brief on pre-flight procedures and you’ll head out for a flight in the traffic pattern at the Kissimmee Gateway Airport. This flight offers great views of the city of Orlando and you can feel free to take pictures!

  • Up to 2 people *Subject to weight and balance*

$165.75 with tax

Man and Woman flying with a plane.

1 hour Discovery Flight

On this 1 hour discovery flight, you will get to meet up with a flight instructor and he will give you a quick brief on preflight procedures. After the pre-flight brief you will get on the plane and head out towards the practice area and immediate surroundings of the beautiful city of Orlando. This options offers you a deep and satisfying flight experience with beautiful views of the city.

  • Up to 2 people *Subject to weight and balance*

$219.89 with tax

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Orlando Theme Parks Tour

Orlando was the most visited city out of three Florida cities to make the Forbes’ List of the top 25 U.S destinations to visit for 2020. Orlando is popular to travelers due to its large number of theme parks such as Animal Kingdom, Sea World and Universal Resort amongst others. Book a tour with us to get a view of all these wonderful theme parks from the sky! You will get to fly as close as possible to them depending on what ATC permits.

  • Up to 2 people *Subject to weight and balance*

$267.41 with tax

Course Image

Space Park Tour

Come fly with us to get a beautiful tour of the NASA Space Shuttle facility located on the East Coast of Florida. A site with a lot of current and historic importance will deliver a breathtaking experience!

  • Up to 2 people *Subject to weight and balance*

$371.28 with tax