Airline Pilot Program

Flat-Rate Tuition-based Program. Take charge of your future career!

Young pilot standing next to an airplane.

100% Financing Available

Zero Flight Experience Needed

During flight training, all students excel at different rates, most flight schools and programs advertise based on FAA minimums, which don’t factor in additional flight hours or expense such as books, supplies and practical tests (Checkrides). Aero Global’s Professional Pilot Program is tuition based, giving you the most competitive budget available in the industry without any compromise in the quality of our flight training. With our years of experience in the industry we have come up with this plan and budget for you to have an affordable and successful pathway to a professional pilot career. Your online courses, testing fees and many other training related costs are included. (Please note that medical exams are not included as this is paid directly to your medical provider). Housing is also not provided at this time but we can recommend local housing which you can budget for separately. Reach out to your enrollment advisor for more details on housing.

Training commences on the first of each month. Students wishing to enroll must have completed the following before their desired start date:

  • Obtained a first-class or second-class medical certificate
  • Obtained financing through Meritize or Stratus Financial.
  • Applied for a student pilot certificate.
  • Completed Aero Global’s Enrollment agreement and supplied all required identification documents.

Students enrolled in this program are expected to maintain full-time status, meaning have a minimum of 3 lessons per week (flight or ground) in pursuit of either:

  • Private pilot certificate to Certified Flight Instructor OR (estimated 15 months timeline).
  • Private pilot certificate to Commercial pilot (estimated 8 months timeline).

Students that already possess a pilot certificate and/or ratings may be admitted to the program after review of their application. All Airline Pilot Program graduates are **guaranteed a CFI interview upon successful completion of the program.

  • Private Pilot Certificate (PPL)
  • Instrument Flight Rating (IFR)
  • Commercial License, Single Engine (CSEL)
  • Certified Flight Instructor License (CFI)
  • All Required Knowledge Exams
  • All Required Ground School Course Keys
  • All Required Checkrides

Note: Price is estimated based on typical student graduation times, in line with national averages. Contact admissions for more information. ** Our airline pilot program is a flat-fee tuition. Checkrides, books, supplies, testing fees, and many other training-related costs are all included. This allows you to budget properly and get the right amount of financing for you. To avoid exceeding the set tuition cost, students must adhere to the training eligibility requirements, simulator time and must complete their private pilot certificate in a Cessna 172 or Piper aircraft.

Training Eligibility Requirements

To maintain eligibility in the tuition training package, the following conditions must be met:

  • Must adhere to all school policies and codes of conduct
  • Must maintain the training schedule of 3 lessons per week (flight or ground)
  • No more than two no shows (cancellations adhering to the 24-hour notice policy or weather do not apply)
  • No more than five stage-check failures for the duration of the program
  • Must reach your first solo within 40 hours, or your participation in the program will be reassessed by an advisor/CFI
  • All vacations/breaks in training must be scheduled with your instructor in advance and may not exceed 10 consecutive days
  • There may not be more than a 10-day break between a passed checkride and the start of the next rating/certificate
  • If a checkride is failed, the subsequent attempts will be paid for by the student outside of the tuition pricing.
  • FAA Knowledge Exams must be scheduled and completed with the supervision of your flight instructor

Finance Your Training

If you need financial assistance for all or some of your training. Aero Global recommends using one of our financing partners.