Become A Private Pilot

Take advantage of the sunny weather in Florida and earn your Private Pilot Certificate with Aero Global Aviation Academy. Start your journey towards a world of opportunities!

Young pilot smiling.

Learn how to FLY with us!

Our Curriculum is highly adaptable to every learning style. At Aero Global Aviation Academy, Our experienced Flight Instructors will make sure earning your Private Pilot’s License will be an easy and fun experience.

There are three tests required to get your license: A written exam, an oral exam and a practical exam. Aero Global Aviation Academy prepares you for each of these tests and guarantees that you’ll pass.

“A mile of highway will take you just one mile…a mile of a runway can take you ANYWHERE!”

Can I become A Private Pilot?

The requirements to be a Private Pilot are listed below:

  • Be at least 17 yrs Old
  • Be able to read, speak and write the English Language
  • Must have at least a Third Class Medical Certificate.

Challenging Industry Standards with our Online Ground Training

We know life gets busy. That’s why we also offer online ground training classes. Students get to schedule their meeting with their instructors at a time that is convenient to go through their Ground training syllabus.

Duration for Flight Training?

Students complete their flight training between three to six months. Depending on how often they fly, the time frame for certification will be shorter. Most students fly between two to three times per week.

If a student decides to go through the accelerated route and they are available to fly full time, the course can be completed within 4 weeks.