Airline Pilot Program

Young pilot standing next to an airplane.

What are the requirements to begin flight training?

An individual with the goal of joining an Airline can begin training at the age of 17. Additionally, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be at least 17 yrs old.
  • Must be legally able to work in the US.
  • Must have a high school diploma.
  • Must be able to obtain an FAA medical certificate.
  • Finally, must be able to speak, read and write in English.

What is the cost of our Airline Pilot Program?

Zero experience to Flight Instructor
Starting with Instrument Course
Starting with Commercial Course
Total Program Tuition
Total Tuition
Total Tuition

We offer full financing through our partners. Click here to see more details about our financial aid program.

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How Do we conduct our Training

Our airline pilot program is conducted under FAA Part 61 instruction. Part 61 allows a more flexible schedule, as per FAA requirements, all Airline Transport Pilots (ATPs) must have met the requirement of 1500 hour rule. This means you need to log 1500 total hours in order to fly for passenger and cargo airlines.

The steps required to become a professional pilot for a commercial airline are:

  • Private Pilot License Course (3 months)
  • Instrument Rating Course (2 months)
  • Commercial Pilot Single engine course (3 months)
  • Commercial Pilot Multi Engine Add on (3 weeks)
  • Certified Flight Instructor (1 Month) - Get hired by us and build your hours to 1500
  • By this point if you wish, you can obtain Flight Instructor Instrument rating (CFII) or Flight Instructor Multi Engine rating (MEI) but these are not compulsory. At Aero Global Aviation we help our instructors get these ratings depending on their performance as CFI’s.
  • Get Hired by a Commercial Airline.

How Long will it take to become and Airline Pilot?

It takes 10 months to complete our Airline program and to get hired as a Certified Flight Instructor. It takes another 12-14 month to fly and build time to 1500 minimum hour requirement. So, it takes approximately 24 months to become an Airline Pilot.

Of course, every student is different and availability for flight lesson might differ which could end up extending this time. This time frame is assuming full-time commitment.

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